Pork Ribs soup for pregnancy diet can be a great recipe by adding lotus roots and dried octopus. This pregnancy diet recipe can help for the blood flow and adding dried octopus as a touch of flavoring for the soup helps to reduce the salt intake.

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Prince Ginseng Root or rather known as Tai Zi Shen can be used as a drink for pregnancy to cure restlessness. This pregnancy drink is easy to prepare and because of Prince Ginseng root’s properties to tonify the qi. Date kernels used in this pregnancy drink is also known to help calm your nerves and reduces the negative impact of psychological stress

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There are lots of soup recipes for infertility using Chinese Angelica Root and one of them will be cooking soup with Beef Shim. Chinese Angelica Root or better known as Dang Gui helps infertility as it is know to restore the hormonal balance in women by mimicking the estrogen which is important to treat menstrual cycles

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